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Nowhere is climate change more visible than in the arctic. And as the ice melts, part of Greenlands complex past is quite literally coming to the surface.

Camp Century is a VR podcast, which tells the true story of ‘the city under the ice’, a scientific US army experiment to build a nuclear-powered military base under the polar icecap. And which explores the larger geopolitical implication of climate change in the arctic.
Camp Century is a complex story about scientific experiments with living in extreme climates, geopolitical Cold War tension, and long term climate change research.
The scientific contribution of the research conducted at Camp Century continues to be used today, but there was also a darker purpose - the long-term plan was for nuclear warheads to be buried in the ice, to counter a possible soviet missile strike.
But in 1966 the base was suddenly abandoned - the structure of the ice below the surface was simply too volatile, and required constant maintenance. Camp Century was encased in snow and ice, and forgotten.

Today Camp Century is just a memory, it was lost to the ice decades ago.

But Camp Century's legacy is still alive today. That is why, we have rebuilt part of it in virtual reality, and invite you to explore it.

"We spoke to people like Søren Gregersen, who lived at Camp Century as a boy-scout. Kristian Nielsen, who has published books about Camp Century. And William Colgan, who returned to Camp Century in 2017 as part of the on-going research to measure the environmental impact the debris that remains could have, if the snow melts.”

Camp Century VR is in the official selection at the Copenhagen Film Festival in April 2021. This VR documentary is a roomscale virtual reality experience, which you can explore alone or together in a group. It allows you to revisit the base, recreated in high-detail virtual reality, according to historical documents, photos and video.

You are free to wander through Camp Century at your own speed. Follow the intertwining threads of high-level geopolitics, scientific research, daily life beneath the ice, and the specter of long-buried environmental problems that are inevitably going resurfacing, as the Greenland ice cap rapidly melts due to climate change.